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heaven...... i'm in heaven........


if you haven't tried/found them yet, GO check out your local MoonPie haven for the new "Full Moons"...... bright pink wrapper with a pic of the full moonpie on the front & the official seal of MoonPie at the top.....

luscious yummy vanilla moonpies with *raspberry filling!!!* sandwiched among the gooey marshmallow filling between the scrumptious wafer-y cookies.....


i think i'm in heaven now.....

~ BloodKitty
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This is the most amazing Moon Pie news I've heard in quite a while. Needless to say, I'll be buying lots of "Full Moon" Moon Pies to send to people.
glad to be the bearer of glad tidings.....!!!
i didn't see anything listed on the official moonpie site, so i sincerely hope that this is a national launch and not just test market stuff, 'cause they are *Gooooo-ooooo-ooood*!!!!

anys, well worth checking out & buying LOTS of!!!

~ BloodKitty
I haven't been able to find the Full Moons so far. Where did you buy yours? I really want to try them.