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Just a reminder, the deadline for the My Favorite MoonPie Memory contest is June 30th. Visit the MoonPie homepage for the complete official rules.
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a. thats bullshit......get off your lazy ass and go look for some there at almost any store that sells food/ candy ...
b. if it isnt bullshit that i appoligise for the first commment
C. GO TO PUBLIX i know that all the publix's in florida have them .....
especially the ones in miami WOOT WOOT go terry!
any who if your local store doesnt carry them ask the manager NICELY and that maneger guy if your nice enough will order some for you

*Taliho* ToiLeT DuCkY **Don Cito & "the 'this is the moonpies take one' little sister"
ok ok o k now im confuzzled.....
btw the terry i mentioned earlier is the guitarist for the moonpies... don cito is the malodion player and my *real* big brother is there groupie/slave/bitch

yes there is a band called the moonpies located in miami most stores have moonpies in miami cuz tericimo asked for them to be ordered ......

i just signed up on the wrong comunity whoops sry bout ther inconvienience
I had no idea there was a band called the moonpies. I'm just a guy who likes snacks especially those with chocolate and marshmallow. Does the band throw moonpies out at shows?
they give them out when ppl buy cds and throw a pack at the show it just happens that the backup vocals and their guitarest name is terrry